Google Cloud Platform Introduction and It’s products


Google Cloud technology or Google cloud platform is an automatic remote controlled Cloud Service that is provided by internet service giant Google LLC located in California. which can be easily accessed by anyone with a simple Google account and a internet connected device. It gives Wings to companies and individuals to manage their business and store their data, even create applications of software for their own use along with many other great and highly sophisticated works and workloads. it is also a great platform to test their pre-existing applications of software by implementing on different virtual machines (VMs) or what is called as instances. There are a lot of products which are offered by Google cloud computing.


There are a lot of others companies that also offer these services like Amazon, Cisco but here we are talking about Google because it is one of the greatest and most easy Cloud Services for a beginner. Here we are discussing some of the basic and most popular products of Google cloud computing, listed below. Read carefully and choose what you like the most and what suits you most.


Google Cloud Compute Engine –

Google Cloud compute engine is one of the basic features provided by Google cloud computing (GCP). Currently this service is widely used by Google’s own services for the search engine, Gmail, Google documents and Google Drive and by many multinational companies, government agencies, bloggers and IT teams and IT professionals from around the world. This service enables its users or clients to launch the virtual machines (VMs) on demand and deploy the software applications and other tools to work with. It is a service component of Google Cloud Product (GCP) which is built on global remote infrastructure which are located in various countries at various points which processes the demands of its users and its clients.

Google Cloud Hosting –

Google hosting is also one of the basic features provided by Google Cloud Computing and is a product of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which enables the user to host the websites, applications and software along with online tools on its virtual cloud server that can be mostly access by users by providing a specific data of key which is also known as user ID or password through the Google hosting services. They can easily manage the data and the services. One of the great things that come with it is the user can deploy their ideas in minutes from anywhere at any time all around the globe with just a click in a second, it has also a great security systems which are regularly updated by Google’s own very professional security team to keep your data and application or software or whatever service you Host on their server secure and provide a strong security and privacy to the client’s customers precious data.

Google Cloud Run –

Google Cloud Run is a well managed and automated computer platform that enables the users, IT teams and IT professionals or the clients to run a separate current and container data via request or events for the commands provided externally. The best thing about Google Cloud Run is it is absolutely serverless and easily abstracts away all the infrastructure management workloads and needs, that mean you can focus more and more on what matters you most and build a great application, software, tool or whatever you like develop.

Google Cloud SDK –

Google Cloud SDK is a collection of different types of tools that can be used to access Google public portal form in a very secure way. It does have essential tools for maintaining, managing and monitoring the Google cloud platform and its services along with products and it is almost similar to Amazon Web service CLI. Some of the amazing tools of Google Cloud SDK are bq, Kubectl, Gcloud and Gsuitil and other command line tools which can interact with various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products and services using the process automation scripts.

Google Cloud Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) –

Google Cloud Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are part of Google cloud computing Engine that provides Graphic Processing Units that can be added to the virtual machine by the clients or users to enhance their machine performance by lowering down workload on main machine Computer Processing units (CPUs). These Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) can also be added to specific machines including virtual Machines (VMs) or specific workloads of a machine to enhance the overall performance of that current instance as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Processing. These Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) come with 7 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory), 12-96 GB of RAM (Cascade Lake CPUs along with SSD (Soft Storage Devices) storage.

Google Cloud Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) –

Google Cloud video AI (Artificial intelligence) is a video intelligence Application programming interface which is developed by the Google Cloud core team that gives easy and trouble-free access to developers, IT professionals and IT teams to use Google video analysis Technology as part of their programmed application. This application programming interface enables their clients or users, IT teams and Professionals to annotate the given video that can be access to the locally or in cloud storage or in livestream, with a good remark of contextual information or idea at a level of different perspective like full video, a segment or per shot of the video or a single time of per frame of the video.

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